I am an oceanographer and theoretical biologist interested in the processes of energy flow in ocean ecosystems and the larger earth system. My PhD research focuses on the role of water mass mixing and transport in governing the structure of marine microbial distributions, and how these processes constrain biogeochemical cycling and the evolution of planktonic ('drifting') organisms. My work aims to develop new models for these biophysical interactions, to couple these processes within large-scale ocean circulation models, and compare the predictions to a variety of genetic, geochemical, and satellite remote sensing observations. 

Apart from my primary research, I also use my training in statistics to collaborate and consult in data analysis projects across a variety of areas in ecology and environmental science. These projects have included fisheries data analysis, stochastic population modeling, analyses of international biodiversity targets, habitat and ecosystem modeling of apex predators, ecosystem stability analyses, and microbial gene-environment modeling. 

Results from current and past research projects can be viewed in my publications.