Workshop notes

Introduction to Spatial-Temporal Statistics
This workshop was developed by myself and Yara Mohajerani as part of the Data Science Iniative at UCI. We covered introductory concepts in applied time series and spatial analysis using a few key R packages. The notes also include instructions on how to link Python to R via the package rPy2, allowing Python users to access the statistical functionality in R. 
link: https://github.com/yaramohajerani/Introduction-to-Spatial-Temporal-Statistics

Undergraduate student supervision (year, project title)

Megha Rudresh (2017, Eco-evolutionary models of plankton in the presence of mixing)
Henry Sue (2017, Extended Stokes models to predict sinking carbon flux in the Southern Ocean)
Lael Wakamatsu (2016, The temperature-ballast hypothesis in the Southern Ocean)